Middle East Voices

My experience redesigning the bilingual brand identity of a non-profit organization that focuses on uplifting voices of Middle East refugees in Syracuse.

Role Branding Design, Motion Design Timeline 4 weeks



The organization has recently been focusing on expanding their outreach, which required a clear statement of what they do. They needed a fresh, simple logo design that would be straightforward to both English-speakers and Arabic-speakers alike.


Sketching chapter

I approached this project with the organization’s mission of connection, empowerment, and uplifting others in mind. At first, I was interested in creating a logo that incorporated people or human faces, since this was the very core of what Middle East Voices is about. I was also interested in the dynamic, handlettered logo options, but it didn’t fit the requirement of being straightforward and easy to understand. The client ended up responding most positively to the simple, abstract shape logo designs, so I decided to head in this direction.

At this point, the idea of having a bilingual logo came up in conversation. The client liked the idea of having one logo but two versions of it to accommodate those within the organization that don’t speak English. Since Arabic is read from right to left (opposite of English) I decided to flip the entire logo to be read and understood from right to left in this version.


The characters

Typography — I knew that the typography would need to be clear and easy-to-read in both languages. I limited my selection to those available on Google Fonts, which would make it easier for the web designer later on down the line. To select the Arabic typeface, it required corresponding with the client, who chose the Arabic type out of a lineup for the best readability.

Abstract shapes — The final logo was chosen for its simplicity and straightforward message of building up the refugee community one step at a time.

Colors — A simple black logo is the primary logo, for the best contrast levels. I also created a warm gradient logo to give a lively and eyecatching alternative option.


The epilogue

This branding project was different than many of the other branding projects I’ve worked on in the past few years. The tangible, local effect of the organization was one factor in this. Also, designing for a bilingual audience was a curious and welcomed new challenge to my branding experience.