Augmented Reality Prototyping

An experimental dive into capturing 3D objects with photogrammetry, and prototyping the capabilities of AR in app design.

Role Designer, Photogrammetry Photographer Timeline 15 weeks


An Introduction to Photogrammetry

Photogrammetry is a powerful tool in storytelling, especially for its accessibility to be made and used by anyone with a smartphone camera. Armed with a LiDAR-equipped camera, I was ready to dive into photogrammetry.

I experimented with both photo-based and LiDAR-based photogrammetry. However, since a LiDAR method is best used for quick, rough captures of rooms and scenes, the examples shown here are results of a higher-quality photo capture method.


Recess Coffeeshop Random Drink Generator

This project focused on creating a Snapchat filter for the local Syracuse coffeeshop, Recess Coffee. Snapchat users can scan the code, which opens a filter in the app. It randomly suggests drinks to try and lands on a specific one when the user opens their mouth.


'Bookie' — An augmented reality app prototype for readers

This prototype takes book tracking apps like Goodreads to the next level by adding a hypothetical "book scan" feature using augmented reality. Users of the app would be able to scan books by their front cover or UPC code to learn more about the book and access reviews.